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Installing Windows Server on a Mac Mini Server

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Mac Minis make great Windows Servers.  I generally use them when a dedicated server room isn’t available.  I set up the system to be administered remotely and leave it running on a shelf in someone’s office.  For my latest server I picked up a Mac Mini Server (2010).  What I didn’t know at the time is that BootCamp isn’t  available in the server version of OS X.  There is a trick however that allows installing Windows without BootCamp.

Warning:  This will wipe all the data.  Backup first.

  1. Boot from the OSX Server Install Disk.
  2. In the Utilities menu run Disk Utility
  3. Select the Drive.
  4. Select Partition.
  5. Delete the existing partitions by selecting them and hitting the button.
  6. Click Options under the partition list.
  7. Select Master Boot Record and click OK.
  8. Add a new partition using the + button.  When you install your going to wipe the partition anyway, I format it to MS-DOS.
  9. Power off the Mac Mini.
  10. Start the Mac Mini while holding down the Option Key (Left Alt on a Windows Keyboard).
  11. Hold down the eject button (f12 on a Windows keyboard).
  12. Now just reboot with your Windows disk and install as normal.  The Mac Install Disk may have Windows drivers on it depending on the version.
Last Updated on Monday, 16 August 2010 20:09  

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