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Copying Text from Images and Pictures Using Microsoft OneNote

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I accidently came across this feature while writing a recent article. If you right-click on an image in OneNote you have the option to Copy Text from Picture. You can then paste the text wherever you want. It works best on pictures of text only documents or where the images on the document are relatively large and clear. Below is an example that gave it a little trouble. If you look at the text I pasted from OneNote below the picture, you'll see it still did a decent job.


_.- Nexus One Properties

General iãre

Nexus One

Device Functions:

Name Type

Nexus One Other devices

F:\ Portable Devic...

L Google, lnc.Nexus One USS Device Disk drives

USS Composite Device Universal Sen...

USS Mass Storage Device Universal Sen...

Device Function Summary

Manufacturer: Unknown

Location: Location O (0000.001 a.0000.O01 .

Device status: The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

[ Properties j

[ 0K j L Cancel j Apply


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