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The Wii U – E3 2011 Impression

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Before talking about my impressions of the Wii U I want to say that whether the Wii U pans out or not, I respect Nintendo for trying. They have a continuing tradition of trying new things. In the past they've introduced things like 4 player multiplayer on the original GameBoy, the Power Glove, and the Virtual Boy. More recently we've seen the Nintendo DS and the Wii. I wonder if we'd have other devices like the Kinect if Nintendo wasn't forcing the industry to get creative. When the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 came out they weren't really ground breaking. These were the same thing as the generation before, which was really the same as the generation before that. Both introduced more power to create the same types of games. Now, Microsoft has released the Kinect which is a really interesting piece of technology and Sony has release the Playstation Move which is basically a copy of the Wii controller. For this reason I want the Wii U to succeed. Nintendo is forcing the industry to try new things. This is allowing developers to get creative with the products they create. We're not seeing the same thing with better graphics as much as in the past. We're seeing more new and unique experiences.

The Wii U imbeds the concept of a Wii game played using the Nintendo DS as a controller into the system. The problem I'm having is coming up with a lot of ideas where this is useful. Strategy games come to mind. If you can interact with the console completely from a screen only you see, you have much better controls for this sort of game. On the other hand, do you need a tv screen in this case? If you can see everything on your controller, you might as well be using a DS. I guess that's the problem I'm having. Each concept I come up with is workable on either the Wii or the DS. Adding a tv screen to view your multiplayer DS game sounds like an interesting novelty, not a driving force in the market. I'm hoping that there are some good ideas out there to use this technology effectively.

On the bright side, this is an HD Wii with extra power and since it's a new platform this may be a chance for the MotionPlus controller add-on to become standard. You can already buy Wii controllers with the additional sensors built in. If Wii U games can use the old controller, and if Wii U games are required to require MotionPlus developers will have more to play with. That's just speculation \ wishful thinking though. Nintendo has given us some interesting development possibilities to think about. I hope we see a plethora of interesting a fun ideas emerge to take advantage of this console's unique features.

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