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Walking Around in Eve Online

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I had been delaying setting up my new character models in Eve. Not because I don't like the system or want to, but because it's the kind of process I can lose hours to. I enjoy designing my character and want to get it just right. Games like Star Wars Galaxies gave so many options it was like a game itself. I can also completely lose access to the computer for the day when my daughter finds out I have another game she can design characters in.

When I logged in a few nights ago I could delay no longer. I had to create my character's look before I could get in game. I spent an hour and a half on my first character. Having finally settled on the model and the portrait, I logged in. To my surprise I logged into a room. I could walk around, had some panels to interact with and could walk to the docking ring and see my ship and pod. My first reaction was that it's kind of cool to see my ship from outside my ship. It helps to give a sense of scale. My second reaction was to wonder if my left side menu was replaced with a bunch of interactive elements of my room that I had to walk to. It turns out you can still use the menu. So really I just have an optional menu I have to walk around to and a character I can design that no one else can see.

Since you can't interact with other players yet, this feels like more of a tech demo. Which I guess is what it really is. It'll be interesting to see what CCP does with this as they add the capability to interact with other players. I'm also curious how this will relate to Dust 514, if at all.

Update: After playing for a few days, I have to say that the television in my captain's quarters is a real draw. There's something about logging in and seeing news flashes about incursions and such flashing across the screen that helps to draw me into the game. I think some time should be invested into making more animations for this screen.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 June 2011 01:15  

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