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Review of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) i9100 Android Phone (International Version)

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Recently, my wife's old phone died. The old phone was a G1 and really needed replacing anyway so I had already been researching replacement phones. Some of the features I was looking for were a high-res large screen so emails and PDFs of scanned documents would be easier to read, responsiveness so less time is spent switching between apps, built-in tethering to support a tablet or laptop, a decent camera so she doesn't have to carry a separate camera, and GPS good enough to replace her dedicated GPS device. Also, our plan doesn't get us phone upgrades so whatever phone I choose we're paying for completely. Looking at the selection of Android phones out there, I found a few that were a bit cheaper and probably good enough. Once I'm paying that much though, it seemed like I might as well go all the way and get the best. So I ended up buying the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The phone is amazing. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is beautiful and powerful. The dual core 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM paired with the 4.3" screen make this feel more like a small tablet than a phone. In fact, now that my wife has used this phone some, she doesn't think she'll need a tablet anymore. All of the features I was looking for are covered and more. After spending some time setting up this phone, my Nexus One doesn't feel as special as it used to. Surprisingly, the battery even survives one wife day (my measurement of battery life). Her phone rarely gets a break during the day and it still claimed to have 43% battery life left when I plugged it in for the night. The new internal components and screen don't consume as much power as I would have guessed and the phone comes with an impressive 1650mAh battery.

Here are a couple things you might not like about the phone.

It's thin but slightly large. While the phone is very thin and light, the height and width are a bit big. When I first opened the phone, I was slightly worried that it would be too big to fit in my wife's pocket. It turns out it fits just fine. If you want a large screen, the phone has to be big enough to fit it. It's not a design flaw, and I wanted to purchase a phone with a large screen so I can't really complain. It just looks big. Also, the size paired with the weight make this device feel less solid than my Nexus One does. This isn't a bad thing, it just feels lighter than you would expect.

They apparently coated this phone in super slick plastic. I've never held a phone that felt this slippery. This is great on the screen where my fingers glide nicely without grabbing. On the edges of the phone this is a little more annoying. When I consider that my wife probably dropped her old phone multiple times a day, this worries me somewhat. I've ordered a cheap rubber glove for the phone though, so it shouldn't be an issue long term.



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