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Finally a Windows Phone Worth Writing About, the Samsung Focus S

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I said recently that the problem with Windows Phones is the boring phones. Samsung has finally changed that with the recently announced the Samsung Focus S. Here's a Windows Phone that compares to the high end Android phones. Not that there's anything wrong with an Android phone or an iPhone. I'm a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus, but I'm curious how well a Windows Phone will integrate into the Office365 environment and my Windows domain. If you're thinking about trying a Windows Phone the Samsung Focus S is the one.



0 #1 qmobile 2017-06-01 03:42
This ma? be a little behind some from the higher spee? hi?h-end phones available but ne?ertheless ?mple t? get a device such as this ?o when you ?ctual load
a titl? on the X7 there's no noticeable lag ?hen playing and games load in a short
time indeed. 400 MB of internal st?rage is pr?vided alongside 380 MB RAM although there is al?o a micro - SD slot having a
?re-installed 8 GB memory ca?d. One th?ng that you need
to remember before recording video is to
squeeze device horizontally.

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