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Adding Eve Contacts to Microsoft Outlook

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I wrote this as a proof of concept. I don't know if it has a useful application, but I'd be willing to develop it into a full tool if there is any interest. I'm posting the example code for anyone who happens to be interested though. For this to work, you need to install pyWin32 and run makepy on the Microsoft Outlook 14.0 Object Library (explained in the linked article). Now keep in mind if you run this, it's not currently designed to do merging or error checking. If you run it twice, you get two copies of the characters. If you already have contacts in Outlook, these will merge with them. I'm really just posting it in case someone has a good idea for it.

import urllib
import xml.dom.minidom
import win32com.client
#This function grabs the text from a node.
def getText(node):
    for childNode in node.childNodes:
        if childNode.nodeType == childNode.TEXT_NODE:
#This function finds all the characters in a contact API list
#and adds them to the Characters dictionary that's passed in
def parseContactAPI(downloadedData, Characters):
    XMLData = xml.dom.minidom.parse(downloadedData)
    headerNodes = XMLData.getElementsByTagName("rowset")
    for headerNode in headerNodes:
        dataNodes = XMLData.getElementsByTagName("row")
        for dataNode in dataNodes:
            characterID = int(dataNode.attributes['contactID'].value)
            if not characterID in Characters:
                newCharacter = Character()
                newCharacter.CharacterID = characterID
                newCharacter.CharacterName = dataNode.attributes['contactName'].value
                newCharacter.Standing = float(dataNode.attributes['standing'].value)
                Characters[characterID] = newCharacter
#Class to hold the character information
class Character:
    def __init__(self):
        self.CharacterID = None
        self.CharacterName = None
        self.Standing = None
        self.CorporationID = None
        self.AllianceID = None
        self.CorporationName = None
        self.AllianceName = None
#Enter your UserID and API Keys here
CharacterID = 'XXXXXXXXXX'
#I'm going to store the characters in a dictionary.
#I use a dictionary to help me prevent duplicates.
Characters = {}
#Download the corporation contact list
apiURL = '' % (UserID, Key, CharacterID)
downloadedData = urllib.urlopen(apiURL)
parseContactAPI(downloadedData, Characters)
#Download your personal contact list
apiURL = '' % (UserID, Key, CharacterID)
downloadedData = urllib.urlopen(apiURL)
parseContactAPI(downloadedData, Characters)
#For each of the characters, get the character info so we can get the corporation
#I included a try in this case in case there's a failure to get one of the contacts.
#This way the whole script doesn't die, you just don't get that character's corporation.
for contactCharacterID, character in Characters.items():
        #Download the Character data
        apiURL = '' % (contactCharacterID)
        downloadedData = urllib.urlopen(apiURL)
        #Grab the corporation data
        XMLData = xml.dom.minidom.parse(downloadedData)
        dataNodes = XMLData.getElementsByTagName("result")
        for dataNode in dataNodes:
            corpElem = dataNode.getElementsByTagName("corporation")
            character.CorporationName = getText(corpElem[0])
        print 'skip %s' % character.CharacterName
#Connect to Outlook
Outlook = win32com.client.Dispatch("Outlook.Application")
#Go through the list of characters.
for CharacterID, Character in Characters.items():
    #Create a new Contact and save it
    NewContact = Outlook.CreateItem(win32com.client.constants.olContactItem)
    NewContact.FullName = Character.CharacterName
    NewContact.CompanyName = str(Character.CorporationName)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 July 2011 14:44  


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