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Computerized DnD Table (2004)

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This is my D&D table. What you see here represents two weeks physically building the table and two weeks programming the table and the editor. Maps are created and NPCs are placed using the editor on the laptop. The editor also controls the table wirelessly to load maps, control rotation and zoom, and move NPCs. I used Direct3D to render across the six monitors. Each player has their own mouse and cursor to control their character.

This was built before everyone had an iPhone or Android phone. Nowadays I would probably replace the mice with smartphone and tablet clients. Back then LCDs were still pretty expensive. That is why there are six 17" monitors here. A newer version would probably use one large LCD TV or a Microsoft Surface type touch screen. The software was written to work with an arbitrary number and layout of monitors and mice.

I intentionally didn't program dice rolling or any rules into the table because I didn't want to detract from the pen and paper experience. There's something about flipping through rule books and rolling dice that is important to the experience. This was really meant to replace the battle mat and miniatures we used during our games.



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0 #1 Mohamed 2013-06-15 20:34
:lol: this's awesome

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