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Publishing an article on the internet is scary. Every time I post I can't help but think of the clumsy examples, the steps I might have forgotten or been vague about, the probable grammar mistakes, and the pieces of writing that don't seem quite good enough but that I can't seem to fix. Just look at that last sentence. I'm sure an English teacher somewhere just fainted, and I don't even know why. That's why I've been in the habit of writing articles I don't post. I'm very critical of my own writing and once you post something on the internet it's there forever.

My new thinking though, is that it's better to put useful information out even if I feel the wording isn't perfect than to just keep it hidden away. Not that my articles are all useful information. About one third to one half of my articles start out as me trying to Google a solution to either a programming or IT issue. When I can't find the solution quickly, or find different pieces of the answer scattered around, I write an article about it. This is something I got in the habit of doing anyway for myself. When I come across the same problem or task later, it's nice knowing I can just open the document and the answer is there. The difference now is that I've started posting these to my website.

I originally started posting these articles on the internet for two reasons. One was so that I could access them from more locations without needed to keep a copy synched and with me. The second reason was that there are a few common things I get asked about. By putting it on the web, I can answer these with a link to my solution to the problem. What I've found though is that each month more people come to this site. I'm hoping they're finding usable solutions to problems. In the meantime I'm trying some different content types to see if there is any interest. I'll be basing interest mostly on hits. If there happen to be any readers interested in a specific kind of content I'm posting, feel free to leave a comment with your interests.



0 #1 Ken Vidacovich 2014-10-08 10:27
Hi Hunter.
New info for you - an automatic leveling application for MS Project. Should be useful for many Project Managers. The website:
Would welcome your review of application.
You can get a free license from me (if you like) so that you can evaluate it, please feel free to contact me.
Thanks, Ken


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