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Choosing Audio Outputs on a Docked Samsung Series 7 Slate

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When you have your Samsung Series 7 Slate docked you have a variety of options for where the audio goes. You can use the tablets speakers, the tablets headphone port, the audio port on the dock, the HDMI port on the dock, or a Bluetooth device. To choose where the sound goes you need to go the audio settings in the control panel. Here are the steps and a breakdown of what the different options are:

  1. Go into the Control Panel -> Sound or Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound.
  2. Make sure you are on the Playback tab.

  1. Right-click on the device you want to you and choose Set as Default Device.

    Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) will be the speakers on the tablet and the headphone port on the tablet.

    Speakers (USB Audio) is the headphone port on the dock.

    Sanyo LCD (Intel® Display Audio) is the HDMI port. Yours will probably be named different.

Last Updated on Monday, 14 November 2011 16:13

My Problem with My Tablet is it’s Not a Laptop

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I realize how that sounds, but when your office is a train you need to be adaptable.

I find that about half the time I want to use a tablet due to the smaller form factor. Either I'm in a crowded train and don't have room for a laptop, or I just don't need a keyboard and would rather use the smaller device. Keep in mind I carry a 17" laptop so it takes a bit of space.

The other half of the time, I'm either writing an article or writing code and don't want an on screen keyboard to be slowing me down or causing extra neck strain. When coding, having a 1080p or 1200p monitor makes a big difference. Tablets don't have that type of resolution yet.

I suppose I could use something like a Dell Duo. It's not as slick of a tablet or as powerful as a laptop, but it gives you both worlds (not the best of both worlds). Maybe I need a keyboard\case for my S7S that makes it work like a laptop, so I can use it either way. I imagine that someday my computer will be something cell phone sized or smaller that slides into different cases\docks that make it function as a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. If the core could be standardized you could maybe even carry a Mac and a PC with you.

Certain high performance uses such as graphics and games may not seem to fit this mold, but if your desktop dock contained some upgraded components such as a replaceable video card, you could still play your games on your one system.

I guess if I'm carrying around all these different cases, it's not much different than carrying the extra devices I'm carrying now though. Now that Microsoft and Apple are moving towards having your data in the cloud and synchronizing it across devices I guess you end up with a similar experience. Maybe I'll mod a briefcase to allow me to prop up my tablet and use a keyboard when I want something like a laptop.


Custom Domain Email Not Working in Office365 - Relay Access Denied (state 14)

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I recently started using Office365 and everything set up very smoothly except for setting up Exchange Online to receive email for my domain. The problem was that I used to have a BPOS (Business Productivity Online Services) account using the same domain and it was still in the system. Since the BPOS was expired I couldn't go in and remove the domain. Unfortunately, this wasn't something I could fix myself. Fortunately, support was able to make the fix. I emailed the Office365 support and they removed the domain from BPOS and had me switch the domain entry in Exchange Online to Shared, then back to Hosted and wait an hour. After that everything worked perfectly.

If you're having the same issue and used to use BPOS, don't waste time like I did trying to fix it yourself, just call or email support and make sure they know you used to be a BPOS customer.


Finally a Windows Phone Worth Writing About, the Samsung Focus S

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I said recently that the problem with Windows Phones is the boring phones. Samsung has finally changed that with the recently announced the Samsung Focus S. Here's a Windows Phone that compares to the high end Android phones. Not that there's anything wrong with an Android phone or an iPhone. I'm a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus, but I'm curious how well a Windows Phone will integrate into the Office365 environment and my Windows domain. If you're thinking about trying a Windows Phone the Samsung Focus S is the one.


You Can Join the Tribes Ascend (Tribes 4) Beta Now

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I almost missed this one. The next edition of Tribes (Tribes Ascend) is now in beta. You can sign up for the beta here and hope to get in or buy the VIP pack to get a beta code now.


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